Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Playing More Gamma Red Death World

So I haven't written anything in quite awhile.
I've been continuing my quest for the "Perfect Game".
The one that just jumps off the page into my brain. The one that inspires me to be the most creative mo'fo in the universe, dazzling the players with the sheer brilliance and excitement they experience while exploring this weird new setting.

Here's what I've found.

It doesn't exist. For me.
Maybe others have found this holy Rosetta grail in their quest.

But fun isn't found in a box or a book. You can't just turn on the fun machine.
I mean, I could just plop down a stack of Gamma World or Ravenloft modules, try to come up with some sort of big ol' map and be done with it.
But it couldn't work like that. For me.
I want to create something that will surprise even myself.

Over the years I've loaded up the ol' grey matter meat grinder with chunks and gristle. Stuffed my noggin with the kind of things that I want to see more of in the world. Bits of weird wonderment found in musty book stores and rescued from cheap comic book boxes.
It's been fermenting in my brain pan. Simmering so strangely.

Now I have to find the focus and fortitude to hold my nose and scoop out some heapin' helpin's for potential players.

And so I return once again to the inspiration of my blog, that little section in the Dungeon Master's Guide which provides guidelines for combining AD&D with Gamma World. Mutants and Magic.
I want to examine it closely, because even though I haven't actually played that much over the years, I keep returning to this idea of mashing different games together. Splicing them like some sort of cyborg chimera.

But I want to look at it from a totally active point of view. Before I would just get enjoyment from reading a game and imagining the potential fun I could have if only I could combine it with just the right parts and pieces from other games.
I know it's weird, having fun thinking about having fun. I think it stems from extreme shyness and social avoidance. It's hard to admit that I collect so many games and rarely play them.

Now I need to play. Open Pandora's books and let the dice determine what they may.

Gamma Red Death World. Here's the thing.  I tried to play this before.  I didn't plan things out very well or do much prep at all.
I want to give it another go and try to flesh things out a bit more before play.
Oh and I was totally kidding about the Gamma World and Ravenloft modules.
I'm gonna rip that shit off big time.

For reasons I may explain at a later date, I've decided that Gamma Red Death World is not our historical Earth. But there still will be mutants, magic and martians.
Oh, fine. Call it steampunk.

Also, I have decided to use Swords & Wizardry as the core rules with Mutant Future and the Pathfinder Advanced Race Guide thrown into the mix. Among other things what grabs my attention.



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  1. We haven't quite taken the Metal Gods campaign there yet, but give it time. I look forward to seeing where you go with this.